Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that most major carpet and furniture manufacturers recommend hot water steam and extraction cleaning on their textiles?  ServiceMaster to the Rescue does!

Our technicians are trained and certified using the latest techniques and equipment to clean carpet and upholstery.  Our truck mounted hot water extraction system provides the deepest and most thorough cleaning available.  We have been successful at removing spots and stains from food, beverages, candle wax, blood, feces, and more leaving homeowners and business owners carpets looking their best.  

upholstery cleaningBusiness owners, you will want to pay attention to this.  In order to make the best first imperession on your customers and reduce sick days, get your carpets and other flooring cleaned.  In commercial offices, restaurant, and stores it is common to have high traffic areas with dark dirt deep in the fibers of the rug.  Not to mention coffee and food spots from employees.  We not only use our hot water steam and extract to clean your flooring, but also have solutions and enzymes that when combined lift and clean your rugs leaving them looking amazing.upholstery cleaning

Our Hot Water Steam and Extract Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Our technician will assess your carpets and upholstery for proper cleaning methods.
  • Pre-treat traffic areas and spots using proprietary solutions.
  • Clean and add styrofoam blocks under movable furniture to ensure that moisture wicking and carpet stains from wood finishes and metal furniture does not follow the cleaning.
  • Apply carpet cleaning solution – we keep it separate from the water to ensure no soapy residue is left behind.
  • Perform two cleaning passes to thoroughly clean your carpet.
  • Perform a separate drying pass to evacuate as much soil and moisture as possible.

Our process is highly effective in restoring carpets to their former beauty.  Our customers are extremely satisfied and we take pride in what they think of our service. To extend the life of your carpets ask about Dupont Teflon Protecterant! Contact us today by email or call West-856-692-4269/East-609-624-1311 for a free estimate today!

Do you have a piece of furniture that is “Dry Clean Only?” 

ServiceMaster to the Rescue can clean it!  We have all of the best solvent based cleaning solutions and expertise to ensure that your dry clean only upholstery can be cleaned as well.  We have removed spots from silk dining room chairs.  We can clean dry clean only materials such as Tahitian cotton.  Contact us today for more information!