Mold Testing & Remediation




Did you know mold will begin to grow within three to four days after a water damage?

Properly drying a structure is a scientific process, dry to the touch doesn’t mean dry! Materials that remain wet will allow mold to grow, deteriorate the affected building material, and increase the chance of secondary damage (humidity damage to unaffected items). Improper containment, demolition and cleaning of mold can create spore contamination throughout a property.  Don’t let an uncertified contractor attempt to remediate your property!  ServiceMaster to the Rescue’s certified staff  has years of experience of remediating mold in homes and businesses.

What happens when mold is left behind?

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Severe Allergic Reactions
  • Hypersensitivity to Mold Exposure

Proper mold remediation should include pre-testing before remediation begins, containment with negative air pressure, precise demolition, cleaning of salvageable building materials and affected contents, HEPA vacuuming, anti-microbial sealing of wood framing and post testing. ServiceMaster to the Rescue provides Mold Remediation services to insurance carriers every day.


Introducing InstaScope. Instant results. Scientific precision.

InstaScope is a new airborne mold–assessment system only available from select ServiceMaster® brands that immediately delivers scientifically accurate, room-by-room results. Using InstaScope, a certified operator can instantly differentiate between rooms with normal airborne mold levels that need no treatment, rooms with elevated airborne mold levels which may require a simple cleaning by a mitigation professional and rooms with higher airborne mold levels and an active mold source that may require targeted remediation. The quicker you know the results of a mold inspection, the sooner you can start taking action to address the problem.




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